Artos Group is introducing EWM 4000M and RO Hybrid 4000

By Artos Group /

We at Artos Group are proud to introduce to you our latest products in purifying technology-EWM 4000M and RO Hybrid 4000.

EWM 4000M is a high-performance ultrafiltration system for the production of clean and safe drinking water. It enables purification of water from microbiologically and chemically polluted fresh waters sources.


RO Hybrid 4000 is fully automatic system for providing safe drinking water, that combines two membrane processes: ultra filtration and reverse osmosis It enables production of drinking water from fresh and salt water sources (e.g. sea, well, lake, river). All salt waters like sea and brackish water can be desalinated without any restriction.



For more information about our new systems see EWM 4000M or RO Hybride 4000.