EWM 4000M
Mobile Emergency Purifying System

EWM 4000M is a high-performance ultrafiltration system for the production of clean and safe drinking water. It enables purification of water from microbiologically and chemically polluted fresh waters sources anywhere in the world (e.g. lake, river, well, stream,…).

Mobile water purification system EWM 4000M produces safe, disinfected drinking water through three stages of filtration and disinfection. Water is first mechanically purified, which is followed by ultrafiltration, neutralization by using chemical filter and disinfection of water by UV light in the final stage of treatment. This way EWM 4000M produces safe drinking water, which contains all essential minerals and meets World Health Organization (WHO) standards of drinking water supply.

Autonomy of advanced water purification system EWM 4000M is ensured by high capacity water treatment technology, which is powered by the built-in serial generator, that has the capacity to provide uninterrupted continuous operation of the EWM 4000M system for two days.

This ensures production of 96.000 litres of clean, safe, fresh drinking water per day.

Robust mobile platform enables uncompromising transportation of the system through difficult terrains to the most remote locations. This is possible due to hydraulic sprung trailer with a fitted height-adjustable connection, which is compatible with various types of vehicles (e.g. trucks and off-road vehicles).

Main features:

  • Mobility
  • High performance
  • Easy transportation
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Chemical free technology
  • Drinking water self-sufficiency