Small Modular Hydroelectric Power Plant


Energy everywhere and for everyone

Easy MPP-s are small portable hydroelectric power plants consisting of one or more modules, each generating the power of 55 kW per hour and supplying 14-18 households. For bigger water flows we developed larger 100 kW and 200 kW models. MPP has been developed by Artos Energy with an aim to help people in remote and sparsely populated places.
Electrification there would be to costly to build as power plants and electrical grids are usually very expensive and difficult to construct. Our team of highly motivated and well trained technicians have succeeded in developing a simple yet very efficient hydro power plant, which is very easy to install and operate. Each power plant is made with highest attention to detail and commitment by our highly trained staff.


Engineering precision is guaranteed by extensive series of checks and evaluations, so no MPP power plant ever leaves the production site without working perfectly.

Engineered to fit the nature

Installation of Modular Power Plant, from the preparation works to full Operation, takes less then three working days after MPP’s delivery. Modular Power Plants are built by the principle one fits all. The standard MPP 55 kW can operate at water flow of less than 1 m3/s and reaches its maximum power output between 3.5 m3/s and 4.5 m3/s. Larger 100 kW and 200 kW models reach their maximum power output at the water flow between 9 m3/s and 14 m3/s. Custom solutions for higher water flows are developed upon requests.

All MPP modules can be easily combined with more MPP units either parallely across the river or in series along the river bed; making the electricity output proportionally higher.

Plug and play

Once installed and put to operation the MPP can be directly connected to any electrical consumer through a five phase socket; even to a single small lamp. Since the MPP operates with the built in stabilizer, there is no need for any electrical transformers or other special electric wiring. The stabilizer automatically recognizes the actual power consumption, closes or opens panels and adapts the amount of water flow and output of power to the actual need.



Smart blueprint and efficient design

Unlike most water turbines with axial or radial flow, the MPP has a crossflow turbine where the water passes through the turbine.Water first hits the blades of the rotor at the high point of the turbine, then runs through the centre of the rotor and hits the blades again at the bottom. This way water produces torque twice, increasing turbine’s efficiency When the water leaves the rotor it helps to clean it of small debris and pollution.

Bridge over troubled waters

In case of high waters and floods the turbine can be either lifted out of the water by hydraulic side elevators or totally closed, so that the water flows over the turbine and not though it.

Ingenuity of details

MPP is made of stainless steal with sealed and non-movable parts, making it resistant to damages and failures. Every MPP is equipped with high quality electric generator which gives max output of 55 kW; working capabilities: non-stop (24/7); weight: 6 tons; dimensions: 5,2 m x 1,7 m x 1,8 m.


  • excellent price performance
  • easy and fast installation
  • no preparation works
  • no environmental intervention
  • pre-prepared modules
  • easy combination of several modules
  • easy maintenance
  • easy to move or remove
  • no transformer needed
  • adjusted for container transport

No river to low

The product is designed for small or slow rivers and requires absolutely no environmental intervention. The needed height difference of water flow, which is normally achieved by building a dam, is created automatically by installing the machine into water – the MPP’s casing creates a dam by itself.

As diverse as your needs

MPP can be connected to existing electrical grid, thus producing electricity for the national or local electrical systems. Alternatively it can be used to supply small consumers such as farms and settlements.


On rivers with constant high water flow modular installation of several MPP’s can have the same output as a big, expensive to build, power plants. In case of water shortage the rotor can be connected to any vehicle with drive shaft. In this case MPP works like generator, using the fuel to produce electricity.

In case of high river banks, the basic module can be upgraded, achieving greater height difference of the river flow and proportionally more power.

Hydropower Calculator

The amount of electricity which can be generated at a Modular Power Plant depends on HEIGHT and FLOW. Height is vertical distance between water intake and the nozzle at the turbine. Flow is the amount of water that flows in a given period of time. Our hydropower calculator provides an estimation turbine of power output. Chosen will be generator with power output closest to the calculated value.


Water flow (m3/s)
Height (m)

Power (kW)

Range of use


Fish friendly engineering

The Modular Power Plant is equipped with fish passage that enables migrating fish to bypass the turbines and move through river. Fish passage is environmental solution, which reduces dam impacts and helps local wildlife to flourish.