Frequently asked questions about MPP.


In what time can we expect return on investment?
For standard solution expected ROI is from 3 to 5 years.

Time to set up MPP?
1 to 3 days for basic module.

Do I have to build a dam?
No. The needed height difference of water flow, which is normally achieved by building a dam, is created automatically by installing the machine into water – the MPP’s casing creates a dam by itself.

Why should I buy Hydropower system from Artos Energy?
Because our system has excellent price performance, it is easy and fast to install, it needs no preparation works and environmental intervention, it is easy to maintain, it is easy moved or removed and it doesn’t need transformer.

Do you manufacture Easy MPP with a 150kW generator?
Yes, we produce Easy MPP with a generator 150kW. Based on standard Easy MPP model, we can integrate generators up to 300kW.

What kind of water flow is needed?
Power is dependant on water flow and vertical drop. For instance, for 60 kW power at the turbine:

Height (m) Water Flow (m3/s)
1,5 5,1
1,8 4,25
2,1 3,64
2,4 3,19
2,5 3,06

What is the life expectancy and how long does warranty last?
Estimated life expectancy is at least 25 years. Good and attentive maintenance can lenghten the life expectancy even more. Warranty on tin parts (casing, powerplant compartment, turbine) is 3 years, warranty on all electrical parts is 1 year. Warranty is void in case of abrasion (sand in the water).

Are there any typical ways to install MPP?
There are several types of installation:
• water can be brought to turbine via pipe and then discharged via pipe to river;
• water can be brought to turbine via pipe and then discharged directly to river;
• MPP can be inserted directly into the river, with adding more modules along the full width of the river;
• MPP’s can be inserted one after another throughout the available the length of the river.

Do you have a question?
Send it to us at [email protected], and we’ll get back to you.