RO Hybrid 4000
Automatic reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration system


RO Hybrid 4000 is first of its kind system which combines two membrane processes, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis, It enables production of drinking water from fresh and salt water sources (e.g. sea, well, lake, river). All salt waters like sea and brackish water can be desalinated. It also eliminates contamination induced by biological (bacteria, viruses) and chemical (nitrates, heavy metals, pesticides…) contaminants.

Combitantion of two membrane processes: ultra filtration and reverse osmosis

System automatically chooses the optimum purifying program, depending on the water source characteristics. After autonomous analysis of salinty in the raw water it will choose the right combination of ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis. This feature enables our hybrid system to optimize the production of safe drinking water.

Core of the system is composed of carefully selected components which as a whole provide a simple and effective process for obtaining safe, clean and fresh drinking water.

Reverse osmosis can produce up to 36.000 litres of fresh, disinfected, safe drinking water per day. Ultra filtration process can be used for non-saline water sources and can produce up to 96000 litres of fresh, clean, disinfected drinking water per day.

There are 3 types of the hybrid system:

  • RO Hybrid 4000 – strandard
  • RO T Hybrid 4000 – with trailer
  • RO GT Hybrid 4000 – with trailer and power generator